"That was awesome! Thank you. It was stuff that we've talked about before, but for some reason it really hit me last night. Now I understand why my brain needs my body!" Nisha, Washington, DC.


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Order " 7 Effective Study Skills that Guarantee Peak Performance During Exam Stress" taught by licensed psychologist, Dr. Doris Jeanette a peak performance coach

Learn to relax so you can use more of your mind and brain power during exam stress. Doris learned how to study and stop freaking out during exams. Using solid psychology research in learning therapy and practical experience- she teaches you the study skills that work during exams, under pressure and in stress.

Learn to:

Focus your mind on one thing at a time

Access what you know during exams

Concentrate on facts and success

7 study skills that help you perform during exams

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"Doris Jeanette has dared to live at her edges, fall off the map of her known world, and come back with the means to tame monsters." Jean Houston, Ph.D. pioneer in the human potential movement.

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